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​Typical example: You currently have a vacancy to fill (urgently) and are currently not receiving any incoming, qualified applicant profiles for the position. To speed up the process, simply commission Henson HR Consulting as a service provider to find candidates on a success basis. You will receive TOP candidates who match your advertisement for your interviews. If you finally decide on one of the suggested candidates, a one-off commission will be due to Henson HR Consulting upon contract approval. If the person leaves the company before the end of the probationary period, the vacancy will be filled for you free of charge.

In a detailed briefing call, we will discuss your expectations in advance (job profile, tasks, ideal candidates, conditions, your corporate culture) and agree on the contractual content of the placement order. The search for the ideal candidate begins immediately after the placement contract has been concluded.

In contrast to "interim recruiting", Henson HR Consulting does not take part in the ongoing application process but generates the missing applicants for you.

Your vacancy - whether it is a management position, assistant role, or specialist with different levels of experience - will be filled with qualified candidates as quickly as possible.

They shorten the "time to hire" because there is already a candidate network at Henson HR Consulting, which can be used at short notice in many cases. Alternatively, as part of "active sourcing", candidates are identified and approached cross-medially - made aware of your company and, if interested, interviewed in advance on the candidate's side.

Commission Henson HR Consulting for your personnel placement today. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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