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As an interim manager, communication at eye level, mutual appreciation and willingness to take on new and / or effective solutions as a company are very important to me - not least also in order to be able to achieve the result that is satisfactory for you. Often, the reason for booking my range of services in the Human Resources department on the company's side is not only due to a lack of staff for various reasons, but also due to missing or immature personnel processes, which may be necessary. have grown historically and have simply been adopted from generation to generation without questioning their functional and economic benefits. In the field of recruitment, it is the all-mentioned "skilled worker management", which is often named as a problem in an initial conversation with the potential customer, for which more man or woman power is then needed in personnel recruitment. In many cases, however, it is not the shortage of skilled workers but only open vacancies in your company that have become unfilled for a longer time or surprisingly vacant for various reasons. What could be the reason for this? Let's take a look at your company, your values, processes and, above all, the real working environment together in order to untie the knots and tackle the causes directly at their root.

What makes interim Management so special? 

- The view from the outside on internal personnel structures and procedures by an expert quickly leads to insights that you may not notice yourself as well as to clear, measurable results due to the versatile experience at various companies.

-I present practically feasible solutions and not theoretical concepts. In order to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the human resources department, I solve topics so that you can focus on your core business.

- Interim management is actually more cost-effective than the search and filling of an internal HR role - especially when it comes to concrete implementation measures that must take place in the short or medium term in order to be able to achieve corporate goals (restructuring, setting up HR, positioning, cross-functional cooperation, process development or the urgent digitization of HR or implementation of HR software systems.  Always ask yourself the question what it costs not to fill positions in the company in the long term (demonstrably about 40,000 euros per position); Not to keep HR processes lean (consequences are e.g. Loss of time and productivity; fluctuation within the human resources department with consequent loss of trust; lack of transparency; missing data; violations of GDPR due to outdated processes)

What expertise do I have as an Interim HR Manager and Interim Recruiter? 

Build on my expert knowledge from 15 years of human resources work, which I have collected in the public service of classic personnel & organizational administration, in small, medium-sized companies as well as larger corporate groups in the media, marketing / PR, IT, MedTec, e-commerce / logistics industries and expanded with continuous qualifications of management consulting and certification as a specialist for people & Culture Management at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. With successful interim projects in the pharmaceutical, medical, aerospace and many more industries. get a vision and hands-on mentality, best practices and sustainable methods from me to adapt your company to the times and expectations - at employee and employer level. 

Through activities as a headhunter and personnel consultant at various personnel service providers with the filling of specialist and executive positions in the areas of finance, office, real estate & construction, I am at your side as an experienced senior recruiter for topics of 360 ° recruiting. This includes not only the management of incoming applications up to the signing of the contract, but also the direct approach of potentially suitable employees via active sourcing.

Solution orientation
Decision-making power
Eye level
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